Wednesday, 21 November 2012


91. Our new van, Lotty. So named due to her license plate, and because she's a whole Lotty bus!
92. Motability, who helped us with the funding and organised all the logistics, and calmed me down with the DLA people told me the garage was acting fraudulently (they weren't).
93. The manufacturers, for creating adjustable height seats.
94. The first converters, who filled it full of useful little stowage boxes where I can lose file bits and pieces. Oh, and who fitted the world's coolest lift and an extra long set of tracking so we will be able to clamp a third wheelchair in when needed.
95. The second converters, who delivered it to us all clean and polished, and with just barely enough fuel to reach a petrol station, thus giving me the ideal excuse to take it for a drive immediately.
96. The initial assessor, who listened to our reasons for wanting Miss Mog to ride up front with me, but who also made sure we had the space we needed in the back.
97. TLP, for being so spectacularly excited about its arrival and presence in our lives.
98. Automatic headlights, although working out whether they are on or off is interesting.
99. A return to good enough health to get booted from hospital for a friend of ours.
100. The box of French Fancies I forgot to pass on to my friend in hospital. Oops.



  1. you KEPT the french fancies??? Gutted :(

  2. Sorry!

    Will replace at some point.