Saturday, 30 March 2013


1351. Multiple wheelchair pileups.
1352. Big boy hugs.
1353. Courtney Courtney!!
1354. Friends with awesome cake making skills.
1355. Kind weather.
1356. Paralympic Sardines!
1357. Baguettes.
1358. Sharing birthday blends with friends.
1359. Picking teams based on presence or absence of tummy tubes.
1360. Beautiful friendships.

Friday, 29 March 2013


1341. Early morning snuggles with the birthday girl.
1342. Sneaky snuggles with the unbirthday girl later on in the morning.
1343. A gaggle of giggly girls.
1344. Sunshine in time for a treasure hunt.
1345. Friends with brooms and guitar tuners.
1346. Pass the parcel.
1347. Happy tired sleeping girls.
1348. Phone calls with cousins.
1349. Hot cross buns.
1350. Forgiveness.

Thursday, 28 March 2013


1331. Cake mix.
1332. Glittery icing spray.
1333. Cold enough weather to turn the van into an extra 'fridge.
1334. Excited children.
1335. Sellotape.
1336. A used wrapping paper stash.
1337. Mostly workable plans.
1338. Walking home from school on the last day of term.
1339. Cellophane.
1340. Birthday dreams.


Wednesday, 27 March 2013


1321. The end of the day.
1322. Supermarkets.
1323. Cake baking friends.
1324. Full house.
1325. Photographs.
1326. Bedtimes without argument.
1327. Guitars with six strings.
1328. Short cycles on the washing machine.
1329. Snowflakes falling from a blue sky.
1330. Drinkable tap water.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


1311. Small friends, holding hands.
1312. Amana making Grandad's birthday cake By Herself. Including making the candle.
1313. Mini guitars.
1314. Cat related giggles at bedtime.
1315. A good first tweak of respite to cover changing surgery dates.
1316. A slightly earlier surgery date, giving longer recovery before summer camps.
1317. A carer who likes wrapping presents.
1318. Next day delivery.
1319. Daffodils everywhere.
1320. A useful kind of a day.

Monday, 25 March 2013


1301. Seeing Amana performing on stage.
1302. Watching her school friends dance around her, pushing her or passing props, so seamlessly.
1303. Hearing her sing strongly enough to be heard over 59 school friends.
1304. Winning the battle against the lurgy, so she could cope with the whole day.
1305. A friend to share the joy of the performance with, and a friend to pass the afternoon with beforehand.
1306. Snuggles with a sleepy girl before bed.
1307. Cheese and raisins.
1308. A bus driver who saw me running for the stop and waited.
1309. Friends with older children, who can lend out costumes.
1310. Plans coming together.

Sunday, 24 March 2013


1281. Disappearing posts causing me to think of even more reasons.
1282. The King who rides on a donkey.
1283. The surprising power of a palm cross.
1284. Righteousness.
1285. Forsythia.
1286. A tidy garden.
1287. Shredded paper snow.
1288. Sweet and gentle carer.
1289. Giggles from a girl who has been largely switched off today.
1290. A timely reminder that said girl needs her evening meds.
1291. A nearly 8 year old girl who can use the hand blender to mix Birthday cake for Grandad all by herself (but don't tell him).
1292. Dry weather so the cats can chase their fidgets out.
1293. Thick curtains.
1294. Four more days of school.
1295. A cupboard full of medicines.
1296. Wise friends.
1297. Easy meals.
1298. CBBC.
1299. Crafty afternoons.
1300. New books.

Friday, 22 March 2013


1261. Early nights.
1262. Beating the lurgy.
1263. Entertaining auto-corrects.
1264. Proper conversations with children.
1265. Tantrums averted.
1266. Oopsie cookies.
1267. Welsh cakes.
1268. Time with friends.
1269. The soft, soft exposed underbelly of a truly contented cat.
1270. Cat tail moustaches.
1271. Wholesome bloggers.
1272. Theological debate.
1273. Really really clean floors.
1274. Happy plans for the weekend.
1275. The promise of cakes to come.
1276. Caring school staff.
1277. An alarm clock free morning ahead.
1278. Born To Be Different.
1279. Release from a crushing obligation.
1280. Quietly waiting.


Thursday, 21 March 2013


1241. The ability to stay home with a poorly child.
1242. Snuggles and hair strokes.
1243. Gentle conversation on difficult subjects.
1244. Reassurance.
1245. Scraper foil art from "Mummy's special drawer"
1246. Mail order birthday presents.
1247. Mail order guitar strings.
1248. Guitar chords slowly returning to my fingers' memories.
1249. A child who is very forgiving of my mistakes.
1250. Free gas safe checks.
1251. DIY advice on removing remains of the old gas fire.
1252. Positive IEPs.
1253. The discovery of a very dangerous problem with our old van before it killed anyone.
1254. Protection from the problem whilst we were driving around in it.
1255. NHS continuing care provision.
1256. Social services Homecare.
1257. Algae scrapers.
1258. Clean floors.
1259. Friends on phones.
1260. A large load washing machine.

Monday, 18 March 2013


1221. People who get on and do things whilst others hope someone else will.
1222. People who can skip past process and into getting things finished.
1223. People who can keep focused on the goal.
1224. People who slow down to ensure the process is completed correctly.
1225. People who can think sideways to accomplish more than one thing at a time.
1226. People who can take joy in the journey and not worry about whether or not the goal will ever be reached.
1227. People who can press on ahead.
1228. People who step back to allow others to get past.
1229. People who turn around to ensure everyone is included.
1230. People who can shout load to gain attention.
1231. People who have quiet voices which are always heard.
1232. People who have impact without saying a word.
1233. People who quietly prepare the way for others.
1234. People who always remember how you have your coffee.
1235. People who can encourage others just by being present.
1236. People who tend to be absent, in order that others may be present.
1237. People who are always early and massively well prepared.
1238. People who slide in late but gave still somehow made it.
1239. People who have gone through unimaginable experiences.
1240. People. In infinite variety.

Sunday, 17 March 2013


1201. Atonement.
1202. Mercy.
1203. Grace.
1204. Love.
1205. Gratuitous insults from a non-verbal child.
1206. Lunch with friends.
1207. Floaty balloons.
1208. Restaurant staff with sieves.
1209. Nachos.
1210. Attack of the sillies.
1211. Late night phone calls.
1212. Restitution.
1213. Unexpected snowstorms
1214. My little brother on his Birthday.
1215. Multiple coffee pileups.
1216. Memories of a very special boy on his birthday.
1217. Restaurants with extra high tables for wheelchair users.
1218. Bacon.
1219. Trust.
1220. Friends home from hospital to celebrate a third young man's Birthday too.


Thursday, 14 March 2013


1191. Intelligent cats
1192. Padded clothing
1193. Number bonds
1194. Times tables.
1195. A girl finally getting it.
1196. Quick games.
1197. Good losers.
1198. Memory foam
1199. Double digit temperatures.
1200. Protection.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


1181. Delight of small girls walking the same way home.
1182. Swapping weather tales with another mum.
1183. An accommodating vet.
1184. Cat truce.
1185. Nearly cat forgiveness.
1186. Cat compliance.
1187. Friends with gardening gloves (even if unneeded).
1188. Morning coffee.
1189. Snowflakes falling from a blue sky.
1190. Peace.

Monday, 11 March 2013


1171. Watching girls actively listen and learn active response (emergency action and first aid stuff).
1172. Knowing that some of them may actually save lives with some of their new skills.
1173. Sitting back to listen to them debate what to do themselves and when to call for an adult.
1174. Teaching basic life skills - lighting (and extinguishing) matches.
1175. And making soup and hot chocolate.
1176. Mini marshmallows.
1177. Seeing girls grow in confidence as they master new skills.
1178. Watching girls keeping each other safe.
1179. Enjoying being silly without the pressure of looking good for the boys.
1180. Girl Guiding.


Sunday, 10 March 2013


1161. Church
1162. Communion
1163. A children's blessing
1164. Mothering Sunday
1165. Green shoots straightening out, having been buried under leaves all winter.
1166. Wobbilily written Mother's Day cards
1167. Eternity.
1168. Jesus my redeemer.
1169. Hospital beds.
1170. New treatments.

Friday, 8 March 2013


1151. Cats on knees.
1152. A full house again.
1153. A non-verbal child nagging for foreign holidays.
1154. Bacon, Brie and Cranberry paninis.
1155. Empty bins.
1156. Not-freezing rain.
1157. Miniature potted daffodils.
1158. Farm shops selling instantly tubeable food.
1159. Weekend plans.
1160. Knowing Who holds not just the future but the present.


Thursday, 7 March 2013


1141. Extra extra respite.
1142. Updates on a happy child.
1143. A compliant child at home.
1144. Super saver shopping codes which have actually usefully saved money.
1145. A small boy back on the ward after a big op.
1146. More growing families.
1147. A cleaner who Cleans.
1148. Remembering to put the bins out.
1149. Planning holidays.
1150. Shepherds pie.


Wednesday, 6 March 2013


1131. Effective multidisciplinary teams.
1132. Good news letters.
1133. Knitting great-grandmothers.
1134. Flowers in fireplaces.
1135. Speedy appointments.
1136. Being discharged for having improved.
1137. Buttered quinoa.
1138. Egg rolls.
1139. Yellow roses.
1140. Watching a dippy cat pushing a big toy bus.


Tuesday, 5 March 2013


1121. Volunteers
1122. Charities.
1123. People who quietly get on with what needs to be done.
1124. Songwriters.
1125. Warm sunshine after a bitter morning.
1126. Bonus respite.
1127. Cancelled appointments.
1128. Children who are keen to come to a birthday party.
1129. Big friendly bunches of daffodils.
1130. Encouraging words at just tge right time.


Monday, 4 March 2013


1111. Pleasing numbers.
1112. Granary bread.
1113. Leftovers.
1114. Honest bloggers.
1115. Cat-proof birds.
1116. Crocuses.
1117. "mummy I love you"
1118. Call screening.
1119. Soft lights.
1120. Dedicated carers.


Sunday, 3 March 2013


1101. Orion.
1102. The Plough.
1103. Pleiades.
1104. Spaces without street lights.
1105. The utter insignificance of all my worries compared to the splendour of the heavens.
1106. God who set the stars dancing.
1107. A toddler singing.
1108. A five year old marching.
1109. A pile of wheelchairs filling the hallway.
1110. Happily tired children.


Saturday, 2 March 2013


1091. Burritos
1092. Wheelchair races.
1093. Thermostats.
1094. Yellow roses.
1095. Cat food ordered yesterday, delivered today.
1096. Teeny tiny toddler wheelchairs.
1097. Disability Living Allowance (almost worth the pain the forms bring).
1098. Being able to cook for all our visitors, including those who don't eat orally.
1099. Multiple phone chargers.
1100. Hope in God alone.


Friday, 1 March 2013


1081. White Zinfandel.
1082. Company.
1083. Catharsis.
1084. Clean corners.
1085. Last respects.
1086. Proper hugs.
1087. Tinned tomato soup.
1088. Safety in numbers.
1089. Space to be alone (yes, I know that's contradictory).
1090. Forgiveness new every time I ask.