Sunday, 24 March 2013


1281. Disappearing posts causing me to think of even more reasons.
1282. The King who rides on a donkey.
1283. The surprising power of a palm cross.
1284. Righteousness.
1285. Forsythia.
1286. A tidy garden.
1287. Shredded paper snow.
1288. Sweet and gentle carer.
1289. Giggles from a girl who has been largely switched off today.
1290. A timely reminder that said girl needs her evening meds.
1291. A nearly 8 year old girl who can use the hand blender to mix Birthday cake for Grandad all by herself (but don't tell him).
1292. Dry weather so the cats can chase their fidgets out.
1293. Thick curtains.
1294. Four more days of school.
1295. A cupboard full of medicines.
1296. Wise friends.
1297. Easy meals.
1298. CBBC.
1299. Crafty afternoons.
1300. New books.

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