Thursday, 21 March 2013


1241. The ability to stay home with a poorly child.
1242. Snuggles and hair strokes.
1243. Gentle conversation on difficult subjects.
1244. Reassurance.
1245. Scraper foil art from "Mummy's special drawer"
1246. Mail order birthday presents.
1247. Mail order guitar strings.
1248. Guitar chords slowly returning to my fingers' memories.
1249. A child who is very forgiving of my mistakes.
1250. Free gas safe checks.
1251. DIY advice on removing remains of the old gas fire.
1252. Positive IEPs.
1253. The discovery of a very dangerous problem with our old van before it killed anyone.
1254. Protection from the problem whilst we were driving around in it.
1255. NHS continuing care provision.
1256. Social services Homecare.
1257. Algae scrapers.
1258. Clean floors.
1259. Friends on phones.
1260. A large load washing machine.

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