Monday, 18 March 2013


1221. People who get on and do things whilst others hope someone else will.
1222. People who can skip past process and into getting things finished.
1223. People who can keep focused on the goal.
1224. People who slow down to ensure the process is completed correctly.
1225. People who can think sideways to accomplish more than one thing at a time.
1226. People who can take joy in the journey and not worry about whether or not the goal will ever be reached.
1227. People who can press on ahead.
1228. People who step back to allow others to get past.
1229. People who turn around to ensure everyone is included.
1230. People who can shout load to gain attention.
1231. People who have quiet voices which are always heard.
1232. People who have impact without saying a word.
1233. People who quietly prepare the way for others.
1234. People who always remember how you have your coffee.
1235. People who can encourage others just by being present.
1236. People who tend to be absent, in order that others may be present.
1237. People who are always early and massively well prepared.
1238. People who slide in late but gave still somehow made it.
1239. People who have gone through unimaginable experiences.
1240. People. In infinite variety.

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