Sunday, 18 November 2012


51. A new wheelchair.
52. Watching a small child discover the power of the written word.
53. Chicken risotto.
54. Miss Read.
55. Parents who taught us life skills
56. Radio 4.
57. Bright blue skies with nose tingly cold mornings.
58. Friendly helpful workmen, moving cones to give us access to the footpath on the way to church.
59. Whoever it was who has had the church ramp neatened up with metal edges.
60. Friends of tLP who find ways for her to play hide-and-seek with her in the church forecourt, without jumping onto walls or crouching behind dustbins or any one of the other ways in which she might otherwise be excluded.


1 comment:

  1. comfy looking chair!!!
    Thanks for doing this I am enjoying reading your thankful lists and it helps me to remember to give thanks in all things.