Sunday, 25 November 2012


131. Friends who come to the rescue when long-distance mobile blogging goes pearshaped.
132. How much easier it is to push Mog's new chair uphill.
133. A Great Grannie happy to play Ludo with two cousins not quite up to playing it by themselves.
134. Caramelised onion, courgette and feta pizza, as perfected by Mama and Mr B.
135. The driving rain which paused long enough to give us a brisk walk through the village and a pleasant drive home.
136. The independence of the seven year old able to use the service station lift alone - something which will free us up enormously in the future too.
137. Automatic windscreen wipers which adjust their speed according to the wetness of the rain.
138. Being able to sit beside tLP in the back of the bus when Grandad is driving.
139. Mog's pleasure at sitting in the front.
140. Self tightening wheelchair restraints.


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