Friday, 14 December 2012


341. Doctors and other medical worker with the integrity to say when they don't know something.
342. School Christmas plays.
343. Special school Christmas plays where the narrators get huge rounds of applause for reading the words, and where members of the choir can bounce off stage to say hello mummy, and where staff are unafraid to dress up as pirouetting angels.
344. Brownies.
345. Brownie sleepovers.
346. Brownie sleepovers combining with a night's respite meaning I am alone in the house and have no child needing me in the morning.
347. Brownie Guiders willing and able to include a rather complex child in all their activities.
348. Cats finally agreeing to use the cat flap even with the flap in situ - no more draughty cat hole.
349. Friends walking this same road in love and understanding, without the need for competition.
350. Grace.


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