Monday, 10 December 2012


301. Friends who aren't afraid to babysit.
302. Big cupboards.
303. Hospitals with internet access for patients' relatives.
304. School staff who understand how to get the best out of Mog.
305. Grouchiness which turns to glee when I finally get the message and drop what I'm doing to cuddle.
306. Carers who nearly know my girls better than I do.
307. Reading The Magic Porridge Pot with tLP, and hearing her giggle as the story unfolds - as she herself sounds out the words quickly enough to be able to take on board the meaning too.
308. Freshly baked bread, steaming hot and perfect.
309. Visitors who can ignore the mess and the chaos and just enjoy the visit.
310. Cold air biting into the lungs and blowing away the internal cobwebs.


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