Wednesday, 5 December 2012


231. Late nights.
232. Mobile phones.
233. Christmas music.
234. The scent of pine trees.
235. Grolly's "look at me, I have caught a leaf" mew.
236. A fever coming down.
237. Mitrofanoff. Whoever he was.
238. Grapes.
239. A full pantry.
240. Clean floors.
241. Warm jumpers.
242. Curly squidgy little girl toes.
243. Dominoes.
244. The Giggle of a small child playing shops with Friend.
245. Health professionals who make house calls.
246. Parking sensors on the new bus.
247. Simon and Garfunkel.
248. Unshakable faith in God my Rock.
249. Alarm clocks.
250. Paper lampshades, diffusing harsh bulbs to gentle glows.


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