Tuesday, 15 January 2013


631. Accessible taxis.
632. Clear roads.
633. Compassionate surgeons.
634. Friends in waiting rooms.
635. Ice in puddles.
636. Solo teenagers, freed from their peers, delicately snapping the ice and forgetting to be cool for a moment (and not noticing the audience in the house in front).
637. Back up plans.
638. A well stocked freezer.
639. Fluffy socks.
640. Justice.
641. Children asking for bed.
642. Brownies.
643. Knitting.
644. The continuity provided by More than a decade of the same carer.
645. Imagination.
646. Spontaneous apologies at bedtime.
647. Forgiveness.
648. Jasmine rice.
649. Cheerful taxi drivers with pleasant and appropriate conversation.
650. Cats with winter coats.


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