Wednesday, 2 January 2013


511. Supper cooked by a handsome junior masterchef.
512. Entertainment provided by said masterchef's guide dog.
513. Child amusement provided by the masterchef's sister.
514. Companionship provided by the chef's parents.
515. The opportunity to spend time in friend's now beautiful house, after a gap of too many years.
516. A handily situated adapted bath, and the chance to use it mid holiday. Even if we didn't, quite.
517. Spending time with a very precious friend in her own home, having helped to spring her from hospital.
518. Snuggles from a toddler deciding I was at least less scary than some of the less well-known friends around.
519. Rice pudding made with coconut milk.
520. Shiny wooden wipe-clean floors.


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