Monday, 7 April 2014


3731. Singing really loudly. 
3732. Friends with nimble fingers. 
3733. A fluffy cat against my back.
3734. Light-blocking curtains.
3735. Dawn chorus.
3736. The first cup of tea in the morning.
3737. Pleasantly stiff legs. 
3738. Rapid and effective pain relief transforming a child. 
3739. Courage from the giver of life.  
3740. Blossom. 
3741. Bare branches now bursting with green. 
3742. Miniature violas peeking out from under larger plants.
3743. Soft springy moss. 
3744. Achievable plans for the day. 
3745. Preparations for visitors.
3746. Politeness from a tired child. 
3747. Never ending mercy. 
3748. Boundless joy. 
3749. Grace beyond the telling. 
3750. Hope for tomorrow. 

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