Friday, 2 August 2013


2311. Technically-minded friends 
2312. A busy kitchen. 
2313. A bustling house. 
2314. Family home again. 
2315. Children's instant friendships.
2316. A very noisy 11 year old. 
2317. Friends who are too polite to notice when I've clearly forgotten to brush my hair. 
2318. New skills. 
2319. Progress. 
2320. Little chicken eggs. 
2321. Chocolate brownies. 
2322. A small spot of tidying up. 
2322. Peace of kind from admin completed.
2323. Long, long phone calls with a friend. 
2324. Lazy afternoons drinking tea. 
2325. Days when patience isn't hard to find. 
2326. Suitcases. 
2327. Tent carpets. 
2328. A summer getting ever busier. 
2329. Open house. 
2330. Holding plans loosely. 

1 comment:

  1. Mmmmmm friends who don't notice you haven't brushed your hair? Looked good to me. But as I only have my hair brushed every 7 weeks perhaps I'm not best judge!!!