Sunday, 21 July 2013


2223. So many friends.
2224. Connections.
2225. Watching tLP starting to self propel again.
2226. A washing machine with a quiet spin.
2227. Sprinklers on dry rosemary and oregano.
2228. Cabbage white butterflies.
2229. Cabbage white caterpillars on my broccoli.
2230. Children chewing cherries in the sun.
2231. Back up medical devices.
2232. An easily locate-able trip switch.
2233. A cooker which didn't feel the need to reset its clock when the trip switch went.
2234. Cats finding cool spots.
2235. Self-resolving seizures.
2236. Cooler days.
2237. Small gifts.
2238. Hospitality in the midst of chaos.
2239. The perfect cup of tea.
2240. The power of prayer.

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