Monday, 25 February 2013


1031. Sweet smelling laundry liquid.
1032. Unlimited water.
1033. Space to hang several loads of laundry all at once.
1034. Sufficient clothing and bedding to fill several washing machines.
1035. Friends with slightly larger children.
1036. Fleecy pyjamas.
1037. A cleaner who is an expert bedmaker.
1038. The luxury of a clean fresh bed, with pillows and throw smoothed to perfection by said cleaner.
1039. Cats to supervise my sleep.
1040. Telephones which don't need to be kept plugged in so can be stuffed under pillows.
1041. A lonely daffodil, bringing hope to our back garden.
1042. A Christmas tree, which appears to have survived being uprooted and brought inside.
1043. Whoever mysteriously came and cleared away a load or two of leaves from my front garden.
1044. More options for treating epilepsy.
1045. Spare wheelchair covers.
1046. Catching up with friends who moved away a generation ago.
1047. Guides in thoughtful mode.
1048. Guides in playful mode, swimming across the church hall on chairs (don't ask me how!)
1049. People who care, passionately, about people and causes and making things better.
1050. Vet nurses.


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